launching of NEO Berryday with 5 kinds of berries.

In 21, ‘NEXTURE E-ONE’ (CEO Hyunghee Shin) stated that they were determined to be further addressing a domestic market, releasing ‘Berryday’ with freeze drying process lately.

‘Berryday’ put antioxidant foods such as blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and cranberry in one pack. On this account, 5 kinds of berries can be eaten conveniently in daily life. Officials explained that additives are not used because of freeze drying process, so ‘Berryday’ keeps taste, aroma, and nutrition of natural raw materials themselves..

‘NEXTURE E-ONE’ was further addressing a domestic market, launching in Lotte Home Shopping at the end of last year. They plan to expand launching channels such as department stores and online malls. Furthermore, they will participate in Expo Tokyo and Expo Shanghai.

Meanwhile, ‘NEXTURE E-ONE’ has exported domestic foods to Japan, China, Russia, and Mongol, so achieved 6 million dollars of actual exports in 2012. /Money Today, a reporter ‘Byungwook Bae’