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Congjolmi receives the ‘if award’

NEXTURE E-ONE’s ‘Congjolmi’ received the ‘if award’, which is one of the world’s 3 grand design graphic awards, for package design discipline. Design Concept Congjolmi is made by transforming Korean traditional rice cake called “Injeolmi” in the form of a snack. The design was developed by reinterpreting Korean traditional window lattice patterns in a modern […]


NEXTURE E-EONE, EXPORTS ‘NEO CRISPY ROLL’ TO 4 COUNTRIES/MONEY TODAY NEXTURE E-EONE Co., Ltd.(CEO Shin Hyunhee) announced at 13th that they made a contract to export their product ‘NEO CRISPY ROLL’ to 4 countries, China, Malaysia, Hongkong, and Singapore, with the amount of 56 thousand dollars. According to the company, the amount to export until […]

Launching of the Global Brand ‘NEO’

In November 2014, the Global brand ‘NEO’ that will be applied to products ‘NEXTURE E-ONE’ planned and developed personally was launched. ‘NEO’ originates from Greek words ‘νέος’, and means ‘new’. In addition, Neo is the mix of representative letters of the company name of ‘NEXTURE E-ONE’. An image is embodying a sack that raw materials grown […]

Participation in K-Food Fair at Singapore

Buyer conference and K-Food Fair at Singapore ended in great success. There were good results through a conference with buyers, and it is a good chance to let customers of Singapore know ‘NEO Crispy Roll’ and ‘NEO Berryday’. From November 1 to 2, K-Food Fair was proceeded in the square of Ngee Ann City Shopping […]

Participation in Food Expo Hong Kong 2014

Term: August 14, 2014 ~ August 18, 2014 Host Institution: Hong Kong Trade Development Department Holding Place: HKCEC Participated Items: NEO Crispy Roll, NEO Berryday We participated in this Food Expo Hong Kong first time. The population of Hong Kong is about 7 million. The weather is too hot and humid, so people do not prepare […]

Please, eat fruits on an empty stomach.

Fruits were eaten as a dessert after eating until now, but if people eat fruits after eating, fruits can be like a poison. Experts suggested that people have to eat fruits before eating or 3 to 4 hours after eating. Freeze-dried ‘Neo Berryday’ is fruits themselves, so refer to this suggestion from now, and eat […]

launching of NEO Berryday with 5 kinds of berries.

In 21, ‘NEXTURE E-ONE’ (CEO Hyunghee Shin) stated that they were determined to be further addressing a domestic market, releasing ‘Berryday’ with freeze drying process lately. ‘Berryday’ put antioxidant foods such as blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and cranberry in one pack. On this account, 5 kinds of berries can be eaten conveniently in daily life. Officials […]