Differentiation of ‘NEO Berryday’
1. Manufacturing with 100% of freeze drying process: Freeze drying process is applied, so additives are never used, and not only taste and form but also nutrition of 3 kinds of berries are kept.
2. The Prime 3 berries, a representative antioxidant food in the world, are eaten day after day: Enjoy 3 kinds of berries that USDA selected among 20 kinds of antioxidant foods in the world, refreshingly and healthily one at a day.
3. It is convenient at anytime and anywhere: It became light by freeze drying process, so it is easy to move, and it is possible to keep for a long time without preservatives.
4. In addition, there are the disposable compact packages, so 3 kinds of refreshing and healthy berries can be eaten conveniently at anytime and anywhere. Variously and pleasantly: It can be enjoyed variously with coffee, tea, yogurt, milk, ice cream, and cereal, so people can enjoy good health funnily.


Raw materials
Blueberry 43% (Chile), Strawberry 36%(Korea), Craneberry 21%(USA)

7g(the weight of original fruits before freeze drying process: 56.2g)

Nutrition Facts(Serving Size 7g)
Calories 25 kcal, Carbohydrates 5 g(2 %), Sugars 3 g, Protein 0 g ( 0 %), Total Fat 0.3 g(1 %),Saturates Fat 0 g(0 %), Trans Fat 0 g, Cholesterol 0 mg (0 %),Sodium 0 mg(0 %) Vitamin C 1.354 mg, Vitamin B1 0.198 mg, Vitamin B2 0.012 mg, Vitamin B6 0.006 mg, folic acid. 8.318 mg, Niacin 0.132 mg NE, Dietary Fiber 1 g(5 %)

Eat it this way!
01 If it is put in a plain yogurt, it is delicious and healthy.
02 If it is put in cereal and sunsik product, it becomes a light meal.
03 In the morning or a drowsy afternoon, eat it with coffee or tea instead of snack foods.
04 If it is put in bread and cookie, the living berries can be encountered.


The Formula of Freeze Drying Process Freeze-drying Technology is the latest food preservation method. When NASA of U.S.A. makes the spade food whose taste and quality should be maintained and whose weight should be reduced innovatively, freeze-drying technology is used.


Stage 1 Raw materials are examined vigorously to keep the best quality.
Stage 2 It is frozen rapidly by freeze drying process under 40 degrees below zero.
Stage 3 Atmosphere pressure is lowered closely to a vacuum, and it is dehydrated on low.