Meaning of the Brand

’NEO’ originates from the ancient Greek word ‘‘νέος’’ which means ‘young’ and ‘new’.
The flagship brand of ‘NEXTURE E-ONE’, ‘NEO’, will develop various products based on our product development philosophy, which is new and healthy value.

Brand Identity

The design of the global flagship brand ‘NEO’ takes the form of a farmer’s harvest sack. ‘NEO’ tries hard to preserve the healthy value of farmers. Worldwide consumers are concerned about food products which are mass produced and consumed. Thus, ‘NEO’ aims to develop food that minimize additives and maintain healthiness. ‘NEO Berryday’ which preserves the taste, scent, and nutrition of its natural ingredients, and ‘NEO Crispy Roll’ which is produced by baking, not frying, 21 whole grains with 8 kinds of vegetables, clearly show the direction of product development philosophy that the brand ‘NEO’ pursues. These are the reasons to why various new products that will be developed by ‘NEO’ in the future are highly anticipated.

Essential Values of the Brand

We minimize the use of additives, which enable our products to be healthier, natural, and close to its original state.

We make products which are healthy, and which everybody can enjoy.

We make products which are consumer friendly and which everybody can enjoy.

We try to develop and provide new and original products to our customers.