Nov.  Launched  new product, ‘Congjolmi’, rice snack with soy bean powder
           Participated in ‘K-Food Fair 2015′, Dubai
           Participated in ‘WorldFood Kazakhstan 2015′
Oct.  Participated in ‘K-Food Fair 2015 Jakarta’, Indonesia
Sep.  Participated in ‘Food & Hotel Thailand 2015′
          Participated in ‘WorldFood Moscow 2015′
Oct.  Participated in ‘WOFAX 2015′, Philippines
May.  Participated in ‘SIAL China 2015′
           Participated in ‘HOFEX 2015′, Hong Kong
Mar.  Launched 5 new lines of ‘NEO Crispy Roll’
           Cream Cheese 1 Type (40g cup)
           Cheddar Cheese 2 Types (80g bag, 40g cup)
           Vanilla 2 Types (80g bag, 40g cup)


Nov.  Participated in ‘Korean Food Fair 2014′, Singapore
Oct.  Participated in ‘Shanghai Business Fair 2014′
Aug.  Participated in ‘Food Expo Hongkong 2014′
           Launched ‘NEO Chrispy Roll’
May.  Participated in ‘SIAL China 2014′
Mar.  Participated in ‘Foodex Japan 2014′




2013     ‘NEO Berryday’ launched and released in Lotte Home shopping (December)
2012      Achieved six million dollar export
2010      Started exporting to Mongol
2009      Started exporting to Japan
2008      Started exporting to China, Russia
                Achieved two million dollar export
2007     ‘NEXTURE E-ONE’ established (February)