‘NEXTURE E-ONE’ was founded in 2007 to discover and export outstanding food products of Korea. Based on our export to Japan, we have been expanding our trade channels to various countries such as China, Russia, and Mongol. Through our competency to discover various new products which have been widely recognized overseas, trust with our clients, our ability to ensure thorough quality control, and our expertise in food products, we have established our core competency in ‘New product development’. Based on this core competency, we have been launching new products not only domestically, but also in the global market since 2013. Since 2014, we have been participating in diverse international food expos and conferences with our self-developed brand, and are accomplishing much achievement.

CI Introduction

Our Corporate Identity takes the form of stamen of flower. Our CI symbolizes our vision to discover, develop, and spread healthy and outstanding products not only in Korea but also globally, just like pollen which is spread far by wind, bees, and butterflies. The company name is combination of the words ‘NEXT’, ‘FUTURE’, and ‘ONE’, which bears our company’s vision to grow into future-oriented and food specialized company.